We are stars….πŸ’«

As the sun sets, the sky starts changing its colours from blue to orange to red and finally to black.The sky along with the surroundings turns dark.

The stars get visible . The sky reveals its original beauty. The cold light of the moon and the stars cools down the earth.

Slowly and gradually, the time shifts from evening to night and the darkness increases, but at the same time the light of the stars gets brighter……….

From this , we can conclude that the stars can shine only in darkness . As the darkness increases their brightness also increases.

So, no matter whatever the situation is continue to shine like a star.

Change the rhyme from ‘ twinkle , twinkle little star ‘ to ‘ twinkle , twinkle big star ‘ . πŸ˜‰


Christmas is coming…..

This Christmas is going to be very special for me as my sister Aayana is visiting my place this time. It has been 1 year since I have met her.

Every year , I meet Aayana in christmas but this time it’s special for me as the whole family is going to celebrate the day together.

To be honest , I am a bit religious one . So instead of decorating the Christmas tree , I make preparations to decorate my room in order to impress jesusπŸ˜‰ .

The next morning I wake up and get well dressed light up candles and sing hymns.

Awaiting eagerly for this day , coming soon into my life…….


Last ray of light

As the last ray of light disappears leaving the room completely dark , the hope disappears.

The dark clouds cover the moon, the hope disappears.

The candle blows off and THE HOPE DISAPPEARS.

But does that become the END of everything.

Can’t we strike a match and light a candle,

Will not the clouds vanish with time,

Or will not sun rise again?

The answer to all this is YESSSSSSS. But no one has the courage to………

Believe in GOD 

Say Yes I can do it

And at last have faith in ourselves…..


The Dark Moon

That night the darkness had veiled the pole. There was complete silence. Only the whispers of wind could he heard.

The moon was looking weird. There was something very spooky about the complete environment. 

There was a lake nearby. I went near it when I saw a reflection of a creepy girl in it . While I was busy wondering about the reflection , the wind whispered ,’ It’s  your life ……….’ .

Suddenly , the moon turned black………..

The night never ended……….

A strange seashore

Walking on a sea beach , slowly and more slowly,enjoying the hobby to collect seashells….

Leaving behind each footstep on the wet sand.The sun sets bringing about a sudden twist .

A sea wave come and all the foot steps vanish like a drawing erased by a big rubber.
Imagine the sea shore to be your life and the sea shells to be good memories and foot the bad old memories.

And guess what, the wave is God’s blessings which erases our bad memories. ……..

Mist of solitude

Sitting in complete silence, observing the time to pass away faster than everything!

Suddenly, the clouds of isolation thunder indicating the upcoming storm of depression. The monsoon retreats . 

The cold and harsh winters arrive. Still sitting at the same place observing the mist of solitude . 

People came and went,seasons passed,years gone,life is still there and I am still in solitude sitting at the same place………

The Great Indian cusine

Indian Cusino is famous world wide. Its variety and it’s diversity brings water to mouth.

India , the abode of 29 states has several types of food . Starting from dhokla of Gujarat in the west to phakhala in the east is salivating.

The delicious liti chokha  of North cooked over hot fires with ghee with delicious stuffing is incredible.

When it comes to south Indian thali , one can write a book on it.

In short , Indian Cusine is …………


A hibiscus is a common flower found in India. It can be of various course like white,pink,cream,red and maroon.

It is offered to all goddesses , along with Ganesha and shiva.

It’s beauty is incredible.


A waterfall is the most beautiful place one can find on earth. The silence , the purity , the beauty one can witness in such a place is the best feeling of internal happiness one can have .

Waterfall is a simple term but has a great meaning.  So this weekend , make a plan to visit a waterfall and listen to the silence , feel the purity.