The Suitcase Part-3

Today ,I am glad to announce the result of “The creative writer 2020”. This time it’s a tie as both the stories are unique in their own way. One is light hearted while the other one has a lot of twists.

Here is the light hearted one:-

Emma’s detective ability and Alex’s bluntness was a perfect duo. At that same time on the news, there was a young boy who was missing and both Emma and Alex got a clue that they might have kidnapped the boy and murdered him and packed in the suitcase.

The people living in that area were completely stunned by the news of missing boy. Everywhere people were searching for him. Both of them decided to interrogate Mr. Watson. Still, the blood was lying on the doorstep of the shop. So they had evidence and they questioned Mr. Watson how did the blood come here suddenly. He was all shocked and said he doesn’t know anything. Then Emma and Alex said that they would tell the police about the blood.

He got scared and told that he stole a pig from the neighboring farm and gave it to the guy because he wanted it. So, he secretly went to the farm , killed the pig, put it in the suitcase and took money for that.

Emma and Alex were in shock. They demanded to tell the truth.
He said,” It is the truth”.
Soon after that, they came to know that the boy who was missing was playing in the garden and he slept beside the bush because he was tired playing and the boy returned home after a nap.

Both Alex and Emma’s prediction went wrong but they thought of reporting the dead pig’s news to the police so they will be rewarded.

The farmer who owned the pig reported the news of missing pig.
Soon Emma and Alex decided that they would tell to the police but Watson himself confessed to the police.

So again for the 2nd time, both Alex and Emma couldn’t do anything and did not gain any reward.

Moral:-Never make things complicated with your imagination.Stay Happy and Stay Simple.

This is the story by Nancy Nelson.She is an amazing blogger and a great writer.

Check out her blog Nancy Nelson.

Now ,the other one-

Here is the one with the twists:-

…..”The suitcase. We need to know what was in the suitcase.” said Emma. Emma knew that the mystery of the rotten smell and the jote of blood in Mr. Watson’s shop was somehow related to the suitcase.

At night Emma and Alex noticed ,Mr . Watson pulling a bag out of the shop.The bag seemed to be very heavy and had big red patches on it. “Oh what’s that!”, exclaimed Alex. Mr. Watson loaded the huge bag onto a van. Both of them were shocked to see Mr. Watson doing this. They decided to follow the van. They didnot know how to ride a car or a motorcycle, but they were good cyclists.

The van stopped near a small hovel in the forest . Actually, by the side of the road there was a dense forest. ” A hovel in the forest! That’s creepy.” , said Alex. Mr.Watson kept the bag in the hovel and left.As soon as he left that place, Emma and Alex entered into the hovel. On opening the bag, they saw something that they had never expected. Both of them were shocked to find a dead body inside it. Their anxiety melted into a thin air and fear took place of anxiety.

The dead body had the face similar to the face Mr. Watson. “Isn’t he Mr.Watson?”, asked Emma. Both of them ran away from that place and went to their home.

Emma was no less than a detective. At night, she decided to do something. Mr. Watson didn’t have a family. He lived alone in his house. So they decided to secretly enter his house at night to find some clue about him.

Thry entered his house through the window. They had a torch and a phone with them. They hid in a cupboard. Mr. Watson was talking to someone over the phone,” Yes, I have done my work. The body is in the hovel now. Just give my part now. We had made a deal. Am I right? I have killed him. Give me my my part.”

Both of them had recorded everything in their phone. The next day, they went to the police station and showed it to the police. The police reached Mr. Watson’s house. Mr. Watson started running on seeing the police. The police caught him and forced him to tell the truth. When he didn’t say anything, he was badly beaten uo by the police.

Finally he revealed the truth.” The suitcase had five million.”, said Mr.Watson. Emma felt that something was fishy with Mr. Watson’s face. She asked,” What are the scars on your face, Mr. Watson?” He said,” Shane…Shane is my name.”

” What ! Where is Mr. Watson then?,”asked Emma.” He is no more. I killed him.”, replied Shane. Shane was also a shopkeeper and he was a friend of Mr.Watson. Shane said that he had a plastic surgery a month ago and was under recovery. The scars he had on his face were due to plastic surgery.He said the full story. Two month ago Mr. Watson found a suitcase containing five million on the road. He decide to give it to the orphanage to help the children. But Shane was a greedy man.

Shane also said about Jig. Jig was a rich businesman. Mr.Watson gad insulted him in public for trying to molest a lady. Jig hated Mr. Watson and wanted to take revenge. Shane told Jig about the money and both of them joined hands.

Shane had killed Mr.Watson after getting this order from Jig.Shane gave the suitcase to Jig. They were going to a secret place to divide the money. Meanwhile, they heatd the police siren and they both ran away.

The police arrested Shane and Jig. Both were imprisoned for eight years.

Moral-Money has killed humanity. The world has very people like Mr.Watson.

Be human.

This story is by Isha Anushka Rout. She is a very bright girl. She excels in academics and is a versatile writer. She is great fan of horror movies. (I am happy that she didnot make this story a creepy oneπŸ˜… )

Hope you all have enjoyed. If you have then do comment down below which one did you like the most and what are the plot holes of each .

Stay home , Stay safeπŸ˜€

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  1. I liked the first story because the boy was found alive contrary to what the beginning of the story implied!

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  2. The boy was found safe and the thief confessed to the police. I like Nancy Nelson’s story!

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    1. Nancy Nelson says:

      thank u! for liking mine

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  3. Congratulations, Nancy Nelson!

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      1. You are very welcome, Nancy!

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  4. Wow ! That’s great. Congratulations to you πŸ’πŸ‘

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