The suitcase Part- 1

Alex was standing in the balcony of his house observing the desserted road ; after all the entire country was in lockdown. The shops opened for only two hours in the morning and only then the street seemed busy.

The street lights seemed to be glowing fitfully. Suddenly, in tje gleam of the street light , he noticed two suspicious men wearing long hover coats. People were not supposed to be out at that time of the night .

One of them seemed to be the shopkeeper of the nearby grocery store. His name was Mr. Watson. The other man put his hand inside his hover coat , took out a bundle of currency notes and handed it over to Mr. Watson.

Alex was a curious boy . He was far more intelligent than children of his age. He was puzzled and couldnot make out what Mr. Watson was upto.Mr. Watson took the money and carefully opened the shutter of his shop. He took out a huge suitcase and gave it to the other man.

Suddenly, from nowhere a police van entered the lane. Hearing the siren, Mr. Watson ran away while the other man drove away in his car.


Wanna know more about the mysterious man?? Then stay tuned cause Alex is going to set up on an adventurous journey. Till then… Stay home , Stay safe.

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  1. Great opener..🤔

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    1. thisisaastha says:

      Thanks a lot. Your blog nice as well
      . 😀

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