The End.

Her eyes were closed but she was seeing everything. She was seeing herself knelt down in a heap of dust surrounded by broken buildings and multilated bodies. In her hand was a faded photo of her family.

Tears rolled down her eyes. When she opened her eyes , all she saw was darkness.

She closed her eyes again. She saw herself standing up. Her face was stained with tears. She gave out a cry and her voice echoed through the world which was not a world any more.

As she started walking a thunder bolt struck a tree and it collapsed. She stepped back. Suddenly in amidst dense fog, she saw a figure walking towards her. As the figure got closer and closer , the warmth of a loved one filled her soul.

A divine moment. The figure resembled The Almighty. The light from her made her smile. She started running towards her.

Another thunder bolt and the earth between them parted.

Both of their eyes were filled with tears. They stretched their hands towards eachother. Then suddenly the figure jumped into the lava leaving her alone.

She woke up- screaming , crying and asking for help. She found herself in her room and then realised that, that was just a nightmare. She turned the lights on. To her fear and astonishment, she found her hands stained with blood.

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  1. Art_Nomison says:

    Oh no!

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  2. Scary and beautiful, prolific

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    1. thisisaastha says:

      Thanks a lot😀


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