What is a man?

”What they say that’s great. But what they do that counts.”

                                     – Charles Oriando



The Illusion

It was 31st december , 1999. Time 3 at night.

I was standing alone in a road in complete darkness . With no sense of fear or anxiety . But something was quite weird . Suddenly a ray of light came into my sight.

I started running breathlessly though i didn’t want to. It was like the closer i was to it the farther it went from me .

But when i looked down ………. I found my self standing in empty air where gravity didn’t work . My eyes came out my sockets in astonishment . I was getting goosebumps. I was shivering in fear. It seemed as if all the laws of physics are not working at all.I screamed .

I woke up to find myself lying on the bed tied in chains . It was 31st december , 1999. Time 3 at night.


Thanks a lot!!!!!

Imagine that you wake up in the morning and check your phone lying on the bed and get astonished to find that you have crossed 200 followers!!!! Now , come out of the imagination cause this has happened with me in reality.

I really thank you all from the bottom of my heart . It’s all because your love , affection and support. I promise to satisfy you all through my posts and bring happiness in your lives.

Love you all !!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤ Now we have become a 200 member family !!!

Specopedia 📱📱📱

Hi everyone I hope u haven’t forgotten me . However , today i have a good news . I have made my first android app named specopedia.

Yes! It’s a translation app which supports five european languages : Italian , French , Spanish , German, and English . I hope you all will like this . I have not published it in google store but is available in the website mentioned below .


Try it !!!!! I hope you all will like this …. Kindly help me to popularize this app.


Where the mind is free With the feeling of peace within……

Where the seed of unity Grows in the sunshine of fraternity……

Where the river of hatred has dried Leaving the silt of love aside………

Where solution of anger has diluted And clouds of intolerence have vanished……..

This is empyrean for which we strive And of course thus is the place where harmony thrives. ………

When the mind , body and soul align Our inner self and outer world combine…….

When they all agree mutually Then what we get is called harmony….


A visit to Mysore

As I had promised earlier to write a post after my exams get over, so this is my new post about my annual vaccation.

This annual vaccation we had planned to visit banglore, India. Yesterday , we went to mysore ( a famous historical place near bangalore).We had a great visit.

The picture ( of course clicked by me 😉) is of the famous mysore palace. Its beauty is incredible . Don’t forget to visit this place if you ever come to India.

And another great news is that , now I am on the way to ooty,a hill station.

Sorry!!!!! 🙏😿

I am sorry. 

You all must have noticed that I haven’t posted anything since the 1 month. The reason is that I have been preparing for my annual exams. And the preparations will continue so I am  not going to write anything till my exam ends.


A mysterious book 📖

Our life is a mysterious book . The first and last page of this has already been written by God that is birth and death. While the other pages are to be written by us either with blue and good ink or black or evil ink. 

Ultimately,  this book after being completed will be presented in God’s court where the sentences and Clauses will be examined properly . If the blue ink dominates , the  book’s name will be published in golden letters in the history of the world and if not the writer will be sent to hell. 

So , next time be careful while writing your book . Because that is what decides your fate. 😉

” I am afraid !!!!!!”😔😔

I am afraid.

I am afraid to come to light.

 I am afraid to see the summer. 



Because after light comes the darkness………..

After summer comes the harsh winters………….





We all have seen at least one earthworm in our gardens . But the first thing that comes in our mind is ” YUCK !!!!”.But do you know we should learn a lot of things from them.

Earthworms are believed to be good friends of farmers. Do you know why ? Because they make soil aerated and fertile suitable for crop cultivation. 

They look ugly and nasty from outside but they always try to do good for us . They are something from outside and something from inside . 

So , never judge people by their looks judge them by their heart.😊☺😀😁😄

My first blogger award 🎉

Hi friends!!!!!! I have a piece of good news. One of my fellow bloggers named littlemissbearpaw has nominated me for the liebister award.It is all because of your support .

So , the rules for this are :

1) Write a blog post expressing your gratitude to the person who has nominated you for this award.

2) Answer all the questions asked to you by the fellow blogger.

3) Nominate any 10 bloggers to whom you want to give the award.

4) Give some random facts about you.

5) Ask atleast 10 questions to the bloggers you have nominated.

So, the answer to the questions are:

1) My favourite blog post is mist of solitude coz it was my first post in which I tried to be a bit philosophical. 

2) Which time period would you like to go ?

I would like to go to my past not to change anything but to live those golden moments again.( Became a bit emotional now 😢).

3) which holiday do you love the most and why ? 

I love my summer holidays as they are longest holidays in the whole year ( I read in class 8).

4) Which books do you read ? Which one is your favourite ? 

I generally prefer reading interesting novels and science books. My favourite one is The Diary of a young Girl by Anne Frank. 

5) Which thing nerds you out? 

To be honest,I think no one and nothing . 😐

6) Which kind of weather is my favourite?  

A sunny day with cool breezes.

7) My best Christmas memory:

It was in 2015 as my sister Aayana visited me for the first time ( she is of only 2 years).

8) My go to comfort food : 

 I think it’s potato chips ( I think I am gaining weight…😉).

9) I am an extravert. 

10) My plan for 2018 is to make a resolution not to let anyone in the whole year.

Now it’s times for nomination :

Aubrey’s Arch

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Reality of life



Afila Usman





Now Some random facts about me:

1. I am a bit childish.

2. I love physics a lot.

3. I am a biriyani bae. 

4. Sometimes I am very silent but sometimes very talkative.

5. I am a studious one.

And my questions are :

1. Which subject did you hate the most when you were in school and why?

2. What according to you is ” being you “?

3. What is your hobby ?

4. What according to you is the most annoying thing that people do?

5. What will you prefer driving or scuba diving ?

6. What is your phobia? 

7. Do you like keeping yourself busy in social media apps ? Why or why not?

8. Do you belive in ghosts and aliens?

9. What are your primary holiday destinations?

10.What do you love the most : spicy or sweet ?

THANX A LOT FOR YOUR SUPPORT GUYS!!!! May this new year be a special one for all of you.