The Envelopeβœ‰

That night, it was snowing heavily. He was all alone in the woods. For last few days, mysterious events had occured and his fellow gypsies had vanished. There was only one common thing, the appearance of a red light on every night this occured.

There was something quite weird which he could not figure out. He was so disturbed that he had not slept for two nights. That night he decided to go out in the woods and have a walk. He was lost in his own thoughts that suddenly, he stumbled upon something. As he turned his flash light on, he noticed his friend’s dead body. He was taken aback. He noticed an envelope tied to one of his wrist. He dared to open it. There was only one letter written on the note inside it – ‘R’.

The next morning , when he came back to the same spot, he astonishingly found the rest four bodies. Similarly, he found an envelope on each hand. The letters were -‘H’,’V’,’B’,’B’. He was puzzled. He was not able to decode the messages. He sat beside a tree , pondering over the mystery.

The night drew on. He sighed heavily and stood up, when we noticed the same red light. Miraculously, he then understood what the letters meant—-




B-Blood Vomitting


The next morning , the police arrived as their families had reported them missing. He was found dead with envelopes tied to his legs and arms. Each one had the letter ‘C’.


Mother Nature…🌳🌳

She was the last one left. She was dressed in a green gown , torn at several places . Her hair was messy and her lips dried. The land on she was walking , was once a beautiful lawn ,and now it’s a barren land. Dried leaves fell down the trees .

She raised her head to look up at the dark sky . She stretched her arms to feel the breeze . She knelt down to hear the solemn silence. Two drops of crystal clear tears fell down her eyes and drenched the ground below.

The sky grew darker….

The wind gushed through the trees……

The earth started trembling….

She collapsed and so, the planet….

Dead Dreams……

The flame of long cherished dreams was short of fuel. She was making every possible effort to add more and more fuel but they were more energetic in adding water.


Not the ones which one sees for one’s own selfish wants but those which one sees for the well being of mankind- to take the mankind into a new era.

But, it was only she who was selfless. The world,the mankind for which she kept the flame alive, was busy extinguishing it .

She was breathing , not oxygen but soot. She was walking not on road but on thorns. She is seeing ,not her dreams but a ruined civilization. She is speaking not of her dreams but of the nightmares that their ruin gave her.

And now, she is living without hope…

But now , she is dead with hope…

A cursed jewel…πŸ’Ž

She stood up, holding a candle. The rays from the reddish flame of the candle made the tears in her eyes shine like ruby. She walked towards the mirror. The mirror was broken into pieces, creating an illusion of several reflections.

Each reflection had a different look. One was with a frowning face, another with an annoyed face while another with a sign of disgust.

But there was one thing in common – ‘ The Ruby ‘ in her eyes.

Pretty to look at …..

But the eyes that open to adore them get cursed…πŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž

Broken Sky☁☁

It was a cold night . She was walking down the street,broken, broken into pieces. Shattered…..

The street lights were gleaming fitfully and then darkness opened its mouth and swallowed the entire atmosphere . Her head was reeling. She was walking, but without any destination. The one she thought to be her destination was never hers. The road she was walking on ever since the day she opened her eyes to see the world she loved, was never hers. The world she loved never reciprocated its love towards her. And now…..

It’s all over….

She was so terribly smashed that the life she was living was never hers…..πŸ˜”πŸ˜”


With closed eyes, she could see everything. Everything that any girl wanted to see. But the reality was harsh .She opened her eyes, to see the blood flowing down her eyes. The fire of revenge was glowing in her eyes.The only thing that one could see in her face was a question -‘Why? Why me?’. She was transformed into ‘Medusa’.

Her eyes could curse anyone. Her lips could cast spells on anyone. She just reciprocated the hatred the world gave her. Blinded by love and trust in the past , she was being led by hatred and distrust into a devastating future . A future which could bring their ruin…..

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Destruction’s coming….

I know most of you are now relaxing … sitting on your couches … doing some random stuff on your phones or PC …

Now just empty your brain, calm your mind but not your soul…

Imagine …. far far away from your house , there is another house…A father , a mother , their children and probably an old granny…

They were happy in their small hut…they were contented with what they had . Afterall, they just need a roof, a cloth, and a bread…

But destiny had some other plans for them.. As if nature , our lovely mother has now turned cruel…

With giant, devastating footsteps, the destruction is approaching…


Now, stop imagining …

You are perfectly safe now … but miles away there are such families and there are such people who are going to lose their wealth, property and even their life…

YES , I am taking about that country which is prone to devastating tropical cyclones… INDIA ..

I request each and every person reading this post to pray for those people who are going to be severly affected by cyclone FANI …

Your prayer of 1min will save many lives….πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

Happy birthday S.Hawking.. πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚

Happy birthday to my greatest ever inspiration … Stephen Hawking…

Very few people wanted him to achieve success and very very few people wanted him to live till such a great age…

But none of you can imagine how hard he had strugled with intense courage andstrong determination to understand his and our universe….

His mind changed his world and his brain changed our universe…

Celebrating 100 years of general relativity…. 😊

A sketch by me for him…..

1942 – infinity…

A shower

Once someone put a shower in a deserted village . And you will be shocked to know what happened next.

One man noticed it. He pened the tap. He started drinking water . Gradually the entire village lined up to drink the water. Evrryone was quite happy.

But do you know what’s the shocking thing about it … A man living in the city has not finished bathing yet… 😯

Credits : Hindustan Unilever Limited

Isn’t It Wonderful ?? πŸ˜•

Isn’t it wonderful?

How we cut down trees

Make paper

And write on them save treees!!

Isn’t it wonderful ?

How we build dams

And water conservation projects

But still leave our taps open always !!

Isn’t it wonderful?

How we clear the forests

To build billboards

And write on them avoid deforestration!!

Isn’t it wonderful??

How we kill the animals

And still preach the word

Save endangered species!!

Isn’t it wonderful?

How we build sanctuaries

And zoos for animals

But still eat them to satistfy to satisfy our apetite !!

Isn’t it wonderful ?

How we write great poems on moms

But forget to respect them

When they are old !!

Isn’t it wonderful ?

How we give huge donations

To a lifeless statue of God

But not even a single penny to His child !!

Isn’t it wonderful ?

For us to be the supreme creation of God

But still act as the most foolish one

While we are the only rational beings on earth !!